Saal Digital - Photo Album review

In the interests of full disclosure, this is a sponsored review of a Saal Digital photo album product.

As an event photographer, I am always on the lookout for any new products that I may be able to use to showcase my work, or for potential future products to include as part of events packages, and Saal Digital offers a range of products that I may find very useful in being able to do this. To test this out, I ordered a 28cm by 19cm hardback photobook with a selection of my own images - first off, I used the Saal Digital book design software to organise the layout I wanted, this was fairly easy to use, and allowed me to customise the photobook in just about any way I wanted. However, I do think that if Saal can integrate this into Lightroom, it would have a much better interface for design as it is much easier to drag and drop within Lightroom than going through the uploading images procedure.

The design software allows you to upload your finished design, and order/pay for the product quickly and easily through Saal Digital's website. All prices are clearly explained, and laid out in easy to understand formatting.

Upon arrival, I found the book to be sturdy and well-printed, however the inside cover had come slightly loose from the hardback so it might be worth Saal reviewing their construction procedure to ensure the books are sent out flawlessly. The book itself has lie-flat pages, which is a great feature for display books as it means the images can go right up to the centre-folds without disappearing into the spine, and utilises more printable space. The pages themselves are glossy and the paper is good quality card stock with a very good weight behind it. The colours have printed exactly as they appear on my screen, and edges are tack-sharp throughout.

Overall, the process from design to delivery was very good, and I would have no problem recommending Saal Digital's products to those wishing to buy photo albums that they can customise to their own taste.